Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 3-(No Day 2 Post)

Busy, Busy, Busy! My last day of school was yesterday. I'm anxiously waiting for the final grades to post, so that I can submit for tuition reimbursement. A very nice perk of my company!

The weather has been rainy and gloomy. I really wanted to take my mountain bike for a spin. One nice thing about my ex-husband is that he entered tons of contests and was always getting free stuff. He won me a nice mountain bike from Marlboro a few years ago. It needed to be put together, and I just had a close friend of mine do just that. AND...I even got a cute little dog basket to take my yorkie on rides with me.

Andy and I are going camping in Wisconsin Dells this weekend. We aren't by any means traditional campers. We set up tent and sleep and shower at the state park only. When we aren't at the campground, we love to go shopping, sight seeing, miniature golf, go-karting, bowling, etc. Neither of us are big drinkers but we do, do TONS of walking on the strip. It's good times. It's also our year anniversary on Saturday :) Lots of fun to be had!

Yesterday evening, I went to see a movie with Andy's mom and sister. We have the cutest little "budget" theater in downtown Cedarburg called the Rivioli. Safe Harbor was playing. I cried at the end. I wanted to take a photo of the theater for my blog but it was so rainy out. I did, however, find a blogger that snapped some shots of the town and theater when he came to visit a few years back.

I'm not talking about food and eating habits until I return from my trip this weekend. I have been good the past couple of days, but I haven't been great!


  1. that doggie basket is too cute... enjoy your camping adventure this weekend :)