Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 1

Hey everybody, I see I have some new followers, I'm honored.

I'm open and honest. No sense in pretending because at the end of the day, the only ones we are hurting our ourselves.

So, my morning started off kinda rough. The BF and I are having issues with the furbabies and their potty training. Andy is a workaholic. I'm talking he works 2 jobs plus side work about 16+ hours a day. He generally works 7 days a week. He doesn't need to work as much as he does, but he loves to spoil us. He does very well for himself. I have the best of everything. I do. We get along great because we make the most of our free time together and each have the space to be independent and do what we like to do. I have plenty of things to do to keep me busy while he works. At the same time, while he brings home the bacon, I keep up the house. With me working 36 hours a week and going to school part-time, and caring for 2 puppies with potty training issues, it has been a challenge balancing everything and keeping up with all of the housework. Bless all of your mommy hearts because I don't know how you manage!

Anyways, long story short we are working on finding a dog trainer for our "kids". My final exam for school is tomorrow and my time will free up again. I'm in the process of relocating to a closer hospital with better hours, and tomorrow will be house cleaning day. Once that's done, things will be back on track again. I just hate that sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach when I know he is upset.

Ok onto weightloss...

Has anyone ever noticed that when you put yourself on a "diet" that you end up with this enormously insane--I'm dying of starvation-- insatiable hunger?

Yeah. Me too.

Day 1 of my 100 pound weight loss challenge. (NOT a diet)
I'm hungry-ironically on most days, I generally don't even eat anything until early afternoon, but today, I'm starving and it wasn't even 9am yet.  I put on my cute work out clothes and hung up all the clothes that were hanging on my elliptical and put them away nicely in the closet. I thought about going on it for a little bit but changed my mind. I will exercise and be more active. I will. I will. I will!

So, I made myself a protein drink. Simple easy, whey protein powder, ice and water. I'm sipping on it and will have another one for lunch.  I have access to a fresh salad bar in my hospital cafeteria at work, so I plan on having that with some soup or something.

I'm still undecided about weight watchers. Here's the deal. Since I work for a hospital, as part of our health care insurance, we have to weigh in and have an HRA done. My labs and blood pressure are all normal but my BMI is above 30. If the BMI is above 30 we have a few options.
  •  lose 5% of weight on your own before October 1st
  • Join weight watchers for 12 weeks an attend 10/12 meetings. The company will reimburse 25% of the cost.
  • Do 3 months of meal replacements through nutrisystem. The company will reimburse 25% of the cost
  • Go through behavioral health counseling for 3 months.. 25% reimbursement again.
I'm like, seriously? I have a lap-band. I have met with nutritionists. I lost 150 pounds last year....doesn't that count for anything?

So, I weighed in during January at 269 pounds. I'm like 13 pounds on my own, I got this, Nooo problemo.  Little did I know I was going to gain another 15 pounds, now bringing me up to 28pounds to lose before October 1st or I have to pay an additional $50 per month in higher health insurance premiums. Ugh. So if I did the 12 weeks of weight watchers, it would end up costing me just over $100 out of my own pocket after reimbursements which is a lot cheaper than paying an extra $50 a month. And as long as you try one of the pay options, you automatically qualify for the reduced weight whether you lose the weight or not.

I'm just going to go back to blogging and logging for now and see how it goes. I am not doing an official starting weigh in until Tuesday next week. I'm going to be out of town all weekend with the BF celebrating our 1 year anniversary and while I don't plan on going nuts or anything, I don't want to restrict myself so heavily that I end up binging.  Well I would be lying if I didn't weigh in today. I was at 282.4 but Tuesday is going to be my official starting weight.

Have a great day everybody!


  1. Ooooh boy... good luck with the potty training, it can be so tough!

  2. Girl You can do this! and I will be here to cheer you on the whole way ..lol
    Good Luck!